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The Butterfly Garden: Flash Review

  • Immediately draws you in, and super engaging; I legitimately couldn’t put it down until I absolutely had to sleep
  • The building creepiness where you as the reader have essentially figured out where the horror is going, but it still has impact when it’s revealed
  • My god the Gardener is terrifying
  • Maya is such a straight forward POV protagonist, I loved reading from her perspective
  • The idea that the butterflies form a family of sorts was lovely and heartbreaking at the same time

This was a five star read for me. It was engaging and drew me in with every moment. I couldn’t stop thinking about the book while I was at work! The descriptions were tantalizing, and just enough to tell the reader what was happening but still convey the strange horror that afflicted the butterflies. I did feel that the plot reveal at the end was ultimately unnecessary. The story would not have been negatively impacted without it. But I didn’t wholly mind it, because by that point in time you want happy endings for the butterflies.

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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[…] The Butterfly Garden takes place in dual present and past perspectives. In the present, FBI Agent Vic Hanoverian is interviewing a girl identified as only Maya. One of the victims of the recently found Garden–where young women are kidnapped, tattooed, and kept as a collection–Maya unravels her story of the past from her childhood of neglect to her place in the Garden. […]


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