Blogtober Day 18: Top 3 Favorite Vampires

So earlier this lovely Blogtober I made a post about my favorite vampire, Mircalla Karnstein AKA Carmilla. You can read that post here! As a follow up to that, with Carmilla sitting on her throne, today’s post is about my top 3 three vampires other than Ms. Karnstein!

Some Honorable Mentions:

  • Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen from The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer
  • Jagger Maxwell and Stormy Sterling from the Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber
  • James Stark and Zoey Redbird from the House of Night series by PC and Kristin Cast
  • Lucy Westenra from NBC’s Dracula
  • Pam from The Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood
  • Mavis from Hotel Transylvania
  • Armand from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice
  • Vladimir Tod from The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer
  • Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Number Three: Lestat de Lioncourt

I knew that Lestat would have to be somewhere in my top three! Lestat is one of the feature characters in Anne Rices The Vampire Chronicles, first as the vampire who changes Louis in Interview with the Vampire and then as the POV character for The Vampire Lestat, the second in the series. Lestat is the ultimate vampire in many ways, powerful and proud of his existence as a creature of the night.

I like Lestat despite his many, many flaws because he’s unapologetically a vampire. In my consumption of vampire fiction and TV I find that vampires who wish they were anything but bore me. I think the only exception to that rule has been Rosalie from The Twilight Saga because at least she’s not moping about being a vampire. Lestat is very proud of his existence and willing to share the gift of immortality with those he thinks will entertain him. This doesn’t always go his way, though.

I’m also very drawn in by Lestat’s obsession with finding the oldest, most powerful vampires in the world. His ways of doing so are unconventional, as well, leading to him becoming the lead of a rock band in The Vampire Lestat. Lestat may be a selfish, narcissistic killer but he’s not boring or overdone as a vampire.

Number Two: Spike AKA William the Bloody

Before this goes any further I’m going to go ahead and say this does not make me #TeamSpike. Spike did a lot of things to Buffy that are unforgivable, and I also didn’t like Angel with her.

For me, Spike was what a modern vampire should be. Vaguely punk, not afraid to shed a little blood. But he was also that fun, incompetent villain who poses a bit of a real threat but becomes such a common thing that the protagonists are kind of like “oh yeah that’s our weird antagonist Spike, he’s cool.” Perhaps it was the actor bringing Spike to life, but I enjoyed the show immensely once Spike became a regular character.

I especially liked his comedic moments, such as the axe line with Joyce, the soap operas, trying to bite Willow after getting his chip and fearing he’s not scary anymore.

Number One: Matska Belmonde

Here we have a lesser known vampire taking first place, and it’s fitting. Because Mattie is Carmilla’s older sister! Look, I’m nothing if not predictable.

Matska Belmonde is only fleetingly referenced in the original Carmilla novella but thankfully plays a huge role in the web series. She appears in the second season of Carmilla having returned to Silas University to take over the Board of Governors. She comes in a fashionable, beautiful, and deadly woman whose determination to follow through on her mother’s plans puts her constantly at odds with Laura. Carmilla herself is torn between her girlfriend and her beloved older sister.

Mattie turns out to be even more powerful than Carmilla, something the students at Silas were not prepared for. She’s unafraid to take risks and she’s firm about where her loyalties lie. But her love for Carmilla also shines through. She warns Carmilla off of loving Laura, knowing that in the past her love affairs with humans have been short lived and tragic. She encourages Carmilla to join her and fulfill the plans their mother laid out for them. She takes on an angry god, and she is fiercely loyal when the great-great-great-grandson of the man who creepily coveted Carmilla’s deceased body threatens her existence once again.

Though Matska Belmonde herself is less prominent in the third season, the actress is given an opportunity to play a second character with even more power. Which honestly demonstrates that Mattie would not be as powerful and interesting if she were not played by the talented Sophia Walker. Because I think in anyone else’s hands, the elevated version of Matska would not have been as interesting.

And there we have it! My gushing about my favorite vampires!

By Catherine

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12 replies on “Blogtober Day 18: Top 3 Favorite Vampires”

Gotta admit, I’ve not read nor watched a lot about vampires. I read Twilight and have a love-hate relationship with it that I didn’t want to read another vampire book again. Buffy and Angel were some of my favourite shows growing up and I adored Spike (and I love that Drusilla is on your honourable mentions list – I loved her), but, as you said, some of the things he did were unforgivable, although he did have one of the best character developments of the two shows – and his comedic moments were the best. The Buffy episode where he’s tied to the chair and gets hit by an arrow is one of my fave scenes!

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Great list! I always struggle to pick my favourite vampires, though I do love the ones completely unashamed of what they are, but who maybe soften a little along the way. True Blood’s Eric, TVD’s Damon and TVD/Originals Klaus have to be among my favourites, along with Pam, Spike and Lestat. (I do think we need more awesome female vampires out there, too!)


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