Saturday Wrap Ups

Saturday Morning Wrap Up 19/10


This has not been an easy week for me personally. I received a rejection from the job that was essentially my last shot at my fiancé and I remaining in Denmark. We’ve begun the process of moving. We’ve canceled our lease, started apartment hunting in Seattle, Washington, and started figuring out how we’ll pay for things. But it’s going to be a busy next couple of months.

What am I reading?

Carrie by Stephen King

I started reading this last weekend while on a staycation with my fiancé. It’s slow going thus far, since I usually keep physical books by my bedside and I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and read it. I got about twenty pages in this morning over my first cup of coffee though!

I’ve actually read a few books recently, some reviews of which have been posted and some are forthcoming!

What am I posting?

Here we have the post from last week, when I started Carrie. And can I just say, the coffee provided in the hotel room was horrible! I usually drink my coffee black but I had to use a whole sugar packet and creamer between the two cups I managed.

For this Monday’s #coffeeandcurrentlyreading I posted about starting The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith. I actually just finished this book today so expect a review soon!

This post was my first opening up about the fact that I’m moving. It’s a tough decision, one that came with a lot of tears and is going to cause a lot more stress before 2019 is over. We’re approaching it as best we can, but there’s going to be some serious financial trouble in our future. We can’t afford to move, but we also can’t afford to stay.

Yup! That’s right! I reached 100 followers, my goal for the end of October! I’m so excited, and thank you all for being such wonderful supporters and readers, I appreciate each and every one of you!

I got completely sucked into Dot Hutchinson’s The Butterfly Garden! Yes, I did eventually go to sleep again, but just barely because I could hardly put this book down!

Blog Posts

What’s next?

As long as this blog and my twitter and Instagram continue to be a source of joy in this stressful time, I will try to keep up. I can’t guarantee perfect participation, but I have been drafting Blogtober posts and I hope to keep up with the 31 days of posting. If things should change, I will certainly announce as such on my blog. Thank you all for being such a wonderful bookish community, and until next time book worms!

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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