Blogtober Day 30: Favorite Book of the Month

This prompt came from Anniek’s Library and The Library Looter

I have read some pretty great books this month, but I think my decision comes down to two in particular!

The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith

This book, which I reviewed, was wonderful! It takes place in wine country, France, and focuses on Elena who is a vine witch. Elena, after suffering from a curse for seven years, returns to the vineyard she calls home and begins work on restoring it. With the help of the vineyard’s new owner Jean-Paul, she begins to unravel seven years of damage done magically and naturally to the vines so that they can begin producing decent wine once more.

When I think of October and Halloween, I do think of witches. I’ll be dressing as a witch for Halloween in fact! (Well, for my Halloween party on Friday. On Halloween itself first I’ll be dressing appropriately for work, then I’ll dress up as a Dungeon Master for DMing my Thursday night game!) So reading something magical and delightful like this was a lovely bookend to my other favorite book of the month…

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Once again, I reviewed this book (and the movie) as part of my Blogtober challenge.

I first saw Practical Magic the movie when I was in college (I think) and rather enjoyed it. Then, one day as I was browsing in a bookstore I caught sight of the iconic cover and most importantly Hoffman’s name! I’ve been a fan of Alice Hoffman’s writing since reading Incantation as a teenager.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I brought the book home and, admittedly a few months later, cracked it open to read it and discovered Alice Hoffman’s signature on the front page! The book hadn’t been advertised as a signed copy, but it was!

I love Practical Magic as a source of magical realism and modern day witchcraft stories. I like to rewatch the movie in October, and last year I stared my yearly tradition of reading the book in October as well. I took it with me when I went to France for two weeks and finished my reread on a bus in Marseilles.

So there we have it! Two books about witchcraft, and two favorite books from this month! I’ll be posting a more comprehensive wrap up of what I read in October tomorrow afternoon, so keep an eye out bookworms!

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