Monday Schedules

Monday Schedule: 6/1 – 12/1

Hi bookworms and welcome to the start of a new week! I’ll be totally honest, I don’t have that much planned for the week. Last week I had a lot of stuff to catch up on, but now I’m out of those things and not sure if I have the energy to invent some good new ideas.

Monday: 6/1

  • Personal life: we are back staying with family for a couple of days, and I have my second to last training shift at my new job!
  • Reading: I plan to keep reading Sweep of the Blade so I can return that loan
  • Posting: I’m not actually sure if I have anything to post today other than this schedule…

Tuesday: 7/1

  • Personal Life: I start work pretty late in the evening, as it will be my final training shift learning how to close.
  • Reading: Due to the amount of the morning I’ll have to myself, I’m hoping to perhaps finish The Octopus Curse
  • Posting: And to continue on this theme, I’d really like to finally post a review of The Octopus Curse!

Wednesday: 8/1

  • Personal: My sister gave my husband and I a very generous Christmas/wedding gift of a hotel stay and we will be checking in on Wednesday! Thus, because of work and that, I’m not going to hold myself to any reading or posting goals.

Thursday: 9/1

  • Personal: I have this day off from work, so I’m hoping to do some quality reading but also apartment hunting!
  • Reading: Boy do I want to finish Sweep of the Blade so I can move on haha.
  • Posting: If I do finish that book I will totally be posting a review of it!

Friday: 10/1

  • Personal: I don’t have much going on other than work.
  • Reading: If I have finished Sweep of the Blade I will either move on with my January TBR or I will finish Pride and Porters which I have neglected for so long haha.
  • Posting: We’ll see if I have some energy after work to churn out a post!

Saturday: 11/1

  • Personal: Once again, all I’ve really got going on is work!
  • Reading: Same as Friday haha
  • Posting: I will for sure do my Saturday wrap up post, but I’m not sure I have anything else I can really do for that day…

Sunday: 12/1

  • Personal: I do get the day off from work on Sunday, so it will likely be dedicated either to things like laundry and apartment hunting or perhaps to hanging out with friends.
  • Reading: I will likely continue reading what’s on my January TBR
  • Posting: I’d like to have a post for Sunday since I should have the time to write one, but I need some ideas. Fellow bloggers if you’ve got some fun tags or post ideas feel free to drop them in the comments!

Hope you have a wonderful week bookworms!

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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