The Impact of Books on my D&D Journey

I know I’ve mentioned it on Bookstagram, and included my weekly game in my Monday schedule for the personal side of things. But I don’t think I’ve talked a lot on my blog about my love of Dungeons and Dragons!

I have long been a fantasy reader, and dragons were one of my earliest fantasy obsessions. Yes, I had the Dragonology book in school. Actually I borrowed it from the library so often my mom got fed up with having to carry it back that she bought me my own. So, it’s unsurprising that there was a phase of my life where I read any book that had “dragon” in the title or description. But sometimes I got tired of the tropes of the fantasy genre. When I began writing for fun, I definitely used my stories to explore how I thought characters should have made decisions and what they would do when encountering different fantasy scenarios.

For years I only channeled this energy and creativity into writing. But during my undergraduate years, I was introduced to D&D by a close friend. Once I grasped how to play and how to make a character, I really took off with my love of the game. I got very into making characters especially, because it was a really fun formulaic way to build fantasy characters I’d always thought about writing stories of. And playing introduced me to the more fun world of collaborative story telling!

One of my favorite aspects of fantasy novels is how the world is built around the characters through exploration and other subtle exposition. This is one of the top priorities in a D&D game, as the characters work together with the DM to explore the world and pursue their stories. It’s especially important in the weekly game that I DM for!

DM = Dungeon Master. The DM is the person who helps build the story. Some people interpret this as the DM is the storyteller, but that’s really not the case. As the DM of my game, I presented my world to the players in their first session and I continue to build the world up around them. But the story being told is one about their characters, and one shaped by their choices.

My world is absolutely inspired by the fantasy, and even other genres, books I’ve read. I regularly incorporate ideas inspired by what I’m reading, from fairy tale like curses (my players’ first ever quest) to fun animals and NPCs (non player characters) that are brought into the story. I’ve given them mysteries to unravel inspired by thrillers I’ve read, and ghosts to encounter inspired by horror.

Let me know in the comments if any of you are interested in more D&D inspired posts! D&D overlaps a lot with my interest in reading, and writing, and I would be happy to include more D&D content in my blog to expand the interests here a little bit!

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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