February Reading Plans

It’s pretty hard to believe it’s already almost February! 2020 better slow down or I’m going to lose track completely. January wasn’t a hugely successful reading month for me due to moving into a new apartment, starting a new full time job, and y’know getting married. But I’m not mad about it as my life is finally getting into a more normal pattern and I have time to read again!

This month I’m going to straddle the line between keeping a reasonable reading goal and also throwing myself into more bookish things like readathons! I’m planning to participate in two readathons: the Polarthon and the Fortune Teller Readathon.

The Fortune Teller Readathon covers the whole month and asks for five prompts to be completed. It’s over on Instagram and you can find it here! You can select any of the three pathways to complete, depending on what sounds good to you. I have chosen the second pathway!

The Polarthon can be found on Twitter, with an explanation on YouTube. Polarthon is about polar fantasy novels and has you follow a path through a variety of paths, reading approximately five books until you finally end on an actual polar fantasy novel. There’s a lot of freedom in the prompts though, so you can either build up to polar fantasy or start in polar fantasy. I’m really excited because I’ve only read a little polar fantasy and I hope to get into the genre a bit more.

I’m also hoping to get a library card soon and start getting more physical books to post on my bookstagram. My big reading goals are just to pick up the pace and be on track for my reading challenge, and to use the books I’m reading to engage more on social media. Also to complete those two readathons haha.

What are your goals for February?

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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