Monday Schedules

Monday Schedule: 2/3 – 2/9

Welcome to another wonderful week bookworms! This week is especially exciting for me because the Polarthon starts today! (See my blog post from yesterday about it and what I’m planning to read here!)

Monday: 2/3

  • Personal: Same old same old today, just working!
  • Reading: This morning I did some more reading of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. I’m still finishing Kalopsia for the upcoming blog tour, but I plan to start reading Ayesha At Last tonight for Polarthon!
  • Blogging: I don’t have any blog posts besides this schedule planned for today, sorry bookworms.

Tuesday: 2/4

  • Personal: Due to some shift switching I have Tuesday off this week! I’m hoping to get some serious reading done, as well as maybe some personal business (contingent on a single piece of mail lol).
  • Reading: I’m going to continue reading Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee in the morning over coffee, but finishing Ayesha At Last and starting Virgin Soil for my next Polarthon prompt will be my priority.
  • Blogging: So long as I can finish Ayesha At Last I’m hoping to put up a review of it, as well!

Wednesday: 2/5

  • Personal: I have a phone call coming up with one of my sisters in which she might finally see my husband’s face haha (international living really impacts meeting the family). I’m also participating in a university study about writing outside of work and school, and my interview is taking place Wednesday afternoon!
  • Reading: Wednesday will largely be dedicated to finishing Virgin Soil as I’m sure that will be a tougher book to chew through.
  • Blogging: I’m hoping to make a post about what Polar Fantasy is, in which I will determine the final book for Polarthon.

Thursday: 2/6

  • Personal: Re my weird work schedule this week, I will be working a late closing shift which hopefully means that despite my morning D&D game I can get some reading done!
  • Reading: I plan to start Captain Blood, as my next step in the Polarthon.
  • Blogging: After giving it a couple days I’m planning to have finished Virgin Soil so that I can publish a review of it on Thursday!

Friday: 2/7

  • Personal: Not much is going on for me on Friday…
  • Reading: I will start reading Winter’s Fury to round out the Polarthon.
  • Blogging: Trying to keep up with the end of Polarthon, I plan to have finished Captain Blood and so have a review for y’all on Friday!

Saturday: 2/8

  • Personal: Still not a whole lot going on haha
  • Reading: I will hopefully have determined my final book for Polarthon on Wednesday and be able to actually start reading it on Saturday, considering there’s only one day left of the readathon by this point!
  • Blogging: In addition to my usual Saturday Morning Wrap Up I plan to have a review of Winter’s Fury up and ready!

Sunday: 2/9

  • Personal: I will probably be getting tired of work at this point… Luckily my schedule went back to normal for this Sunday despite the original potential of my working a later shift than usual. But due to my switching of days off, I’m working a six day work week which I’ve never done at this job before…
  • Reading: I will be finishing up my last book for Polarthon this day!
  • Blogging: If I can, I will hopefully post some sort of review for the final book in Polarthon, or something to do with Polar Fantasy at least!

Hope you all have a wonderful reading and blogging week bookworms!

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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