The Fortune Teller Readathon Wrap Up

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My Path

For the Fortune Teller Readathon, readers selected a path from the three available. Each path featured five different prompts. I selected the second path available with the following prompts:

  • The New Friend – A book you think will be a new favorite
  • Written in the Stars – A 4 or 5 star predicted read
  • The Hopeless Romantic – A love story
  • The Dark One – A book you think will have a great villain
  • The Outcast – A book you think you’ll love but that others hate

I selected these prompts because I felt that I would enjoy the majority of these books more, and as my reason for participating in the readathon at all was to motivate myself to read more books I wanted to, well it’s a no brainer!

My Books

Written in the Stars: Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin

Ayesha at Last is a modern day Pride and Prejudice retelling set in Canada and featuring an Indian-Muslim cast of characters including our leads, Ayesha and Khalid. I selected this book for the prompt “Written in the Stars” because I was fairly certain I would enjoy this book immensely, and I was correct! I ended up rating this book 5 stars and you can read my review of it here.

The Hopeless Romantic: Pride and Porters by Charlotte Greene

Another Pride and Prejudice retelling, Greene’s story is an LGBTQ+ retelling set in modern day Colorado and featuring two female leads, Darcy and Erin. This one fulfills the prompt of “The Hopeless Romantic” as it is a love story not only between Erin and Darcy, but also Jen and Charlie (the counterparts to Jane and Bingley). For my review of this 4 star read go here!.

The Dark One: One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence

This book is a time travel, science fiction, slice of life combination featuring a throwback to 1986 where Nick Hayes is diagnosed with cancer at age fifteen. Determined to keep playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends (and more importantly, newcomer Mia) he also begins to encounter a strange man with knowledge of time travel. I selected this book for the prompt “The Dark One” because the description hinted at a great villain, but despite enjoy the book enough to give it 4 stars the “villain” was more a concept of time and fear. There was an antagonist of sorts but I’d hardly describe him as a true villain. You can read my review here.

The Outcast: Stolen Enchantress by Amber Argyle

Selected due to the mixed negative reviews on GoodReads, this book is about a fantasy land called the Idelmarch. In a town named Hamel, girls are frequently taken by a mysterious beast that lives in the cursed Forbidden Forest. A combination of Beauty and the Beast and the Pied Piper, this book focuses on Larkin who is almost taken by the “beast” and faces fear, superstition, and violence from her town as a result of surviving. I did enjoy this book, initially rating it 4 stars and then changing that to 3/3.5 after writing my review.

The New Friend: Escaping From Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco

Ah yes, my old friend the Stalking Jack the Ripper series provided me a new friend in this installment! I was confident I would love this book, as I have all of them so far, and I was right! Audrey Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Cresswell continue to enchant me as they embark on a cruise to New York that is entertained nightly by the Midnight Carnival. The mystery of the gruesome murders on board is unraveled by Audrey Rose, Thomas, and a mysterious new friend named Mephistopheles. I rated it 4 stars unsurprisingly and reviewed it positively!

Top Read

I think interestingly enough, my favorite read was Stolen Enchantress. While it was the lowest rated of all these books, and I enjoyed all of them, it was the one that got me thinking the most. It was complicated, edgy, and reviewing it meant I grappled with some serious concerns I had with the story that made me more interested in continuing Argyle’s series to see how things are resolved. I think as much as I enjoy gushing over books I like, I also enjoy critically thinking about and reviewing more complicated books that I enjoyed but had bones to pick with.

Final Thoughts

I really liked the concept of this readathon, and though I didn’t see anyone else on my feed participating in it I hope it becomes bigger as time goes on. I like themed readathons that seem almost atmospheric, and this one was really broad and easy to work with, which definitely scores points in its favor. Readathons that are too short or too specific don’t work for me due to my limited resources of obtaining books and my allotted time to read each day, so this readathon’s parameters were perfectly suited for success! I encourage you to visit the link up above and check out the readathon on Instagram!

By Catherine

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