Saturday Wrap Ups

Saturday Morning Wrap Up: 3/21

Happy Saturday book bees! Let’s get started, shall we?

What am I reading?

American Witches: A Brookstick Tour Through Four Centuries by Susan Fair

This is a popular history book (a term coined in historiography for a history book written for the general populace) about witches in American history. It’s very casually written which is a fun change of pace for me, and thus far has been entertaining! Though I have my doubts about the research conducted due to the sheer lack of cited sources thus far, it’s at least not entirely focused on Salem.

Freddie Mercury: A Life in His Own Words by Freddie Mercury

This is a new edition of a previous publication in which editors have put together a memoir told entirely from Freddie Mercury’s perspective. Using cut together notes, interviews, and personal writings the book is divided into chapters of certain topics with establishing details such as correct names and dates added in only occasionally. Otherwise, the book is entirely Freddie Mercury’s words and it’s very interesting!

The Will and the Wilds by Charlie N. Holmberg

This is a fantasy book set in a world where pseudo-fae creatures called mystings are a source of both fear and fascination for a young lady named Enna. Out of fear when one of these mystings attack her, Enna strikes a deal with a mysting of intelligence for protection but in exchange she begins to lose part of herself. She ends up having to face camaraderie with the creatures she has been taught to fear above all else.

This Week’s Reads

  • Piper Prince (Forbidden Forest #2) by Amber Argyle, 3 stars

What am I posting?

Blog Posts


What’s Next?

Well Book Bees, I am working on some fun stuff! Today I published my review of Piper Prince and I have quite the schedule of posts coming up! In the meantime, please consider the following links:

Have a wonderful week Book Bees!

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