Why I’m Afraid of the Dark: Review

Creatures under the bed, mysterious world eating flowers, and brave guardians of the closet are brought to life in this collection of short horror stories. The mysterious world of the darkness and the creatures that lurk in it are brought to life from a myriad of unique perspectives housed in an interesting writing style. Not quite traditional horror, these stories can sit with you, encouraging you to think about the title of the collection and why you should be afraid of the dark as well.

What is Why I’m Afraid of the Dark about?

Each of the short stories in this collection is a different story of darkness and horror. They’re written from different perspectives and there appears to be only a very little amount of overlap between a few of them. They each stand on their own as a story of what lurks in the darkness of the house and what horrors you may face in your own imagination. They range in topic from horrific monsters to mysterious predictions of death to madness.

Genre: Collection of Short Stories

The overarching genre for the short stories is horror, but each story is a clearly separate plot and idea than each other one. One story appears to overlap two others, but just barely, leaving each story still completely separate.

Themes: Loneliness, Fear of Loss

Though each story is distinct and stands alone as a horror short story, I think that the binding themes overall are loneliness and the fear of loss. Throughout the stories we have main characters ranging from a child’s teddy bear to a single father. One story concerns a man who believes a flower swallowed up his entire life, wife and newborn son included. Each story manifests the horror of being alone or losing someone in a monstrous form.

The Good

I enjoyed each of the stories, though certainly a few of them more than others “Guardian” was my favorite story of them all, told from the perspective of a teddy bear that guards his charge from the monsters in the closet. I found that this was a superbly creative way to tell the story of evil in the closet and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The descriptions of the horrific creatures and the mounting fear in the other stories were also delightful. I think that the author had a good handle on what feelings he wanted to inspire with his works and the stories do what they are meant to.

The Okay

To a certain extent, some of the stories fall in the more traditional horror lines. I think that “Guardian” was my favorite because it broke a boundary into a new perspective that I have never seen in a horror story. The other stories were slightly predictable, if well written in their format. It would have been nice to see more unique ideas and a presentation of horror from new perspectives. I also couldn’t help but notice the characters of the stories were overwhelmingly male…

The Bad

I don’t have any major criticisms to be honest. If anything, I just wish this collection were larger and had more stories to it!

Final Thoughts

This collection was an enjoyable, quick read with some unique horror ideas presented! The stories demonstrate a good grasp of the hallmarks of the horror genre as well as a creativity needed for more interesting and engaging reads. I enjoyed the stand alone nature of each story, as well as the sometimes gruesome nature of the horror involved. There’s gore, there’s monsters, there psychological trauma, and there’s creeping, mounting feelings of horror as well as horror that begins immediately. This collection is an excellent representation of the horror genre and a demonstration of skill and talent for the author. My favorite story, “Guardian,” was an especially unique presentation of a monster story and I fully recommend that story as well as the whole collection.

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