Coffee with Catherine

Coffee with Catherine: March 2020

Yes book bees, it’s that time again where I post a rambling thing about what I’ve been dealing with this month. I’m going to try and be a bit more positive about things just because we’ve all been having a pretty bad March I think. Luckily, my husband and I are both healthy and that’s the important thing to concentrate on. I was laid off due to restaurants in Seattle closing, but I have been job hunting and have some promising leads, which is important since the unemployment offices have been doing their steady best to ignore me and my needs.

I have found a lot of time to work on this blog. In order to keep sane, I create schedules for myself in which doing things in and for the bookish community are my tasks. How I’ve been doing this is using Trello, an online productivity site that I’ve been using for a while now. Using Trello, I create a task list for each day that compliments the other lists I use (a list of what I’m reading and what posts to make based on that, a list of all the posts I want to make in a week, a list for readathons, a list for blog tours, a list for weekly and monthly challenges and hashtags, etc.). While working my way through that tasklist I create a rotation that has me reading one of my books, checking emails, and drafting various blog posts. It’s actually quite useful right now being able to spend several hours a day getting things done!

Of course, my husband is bored out of his mind. He doesn’t share my self motivation for scheduling and creating work for myself, but as he’s been unemployed for several months now he’s tired of sitting on the couch on separate computers. Unfortunately, following our shelter at home order we really have nothing to do. We have one card game, our laptops, and a couch in our apartment to entertain ourselves. While he likes to cook and bake, we haven’t been able to afford all the ingredients and supplies that he would like and he’s not motivated to figure something out from what we have. He’s frustrated and restless, and I feel sorry for him because there’s nothing I can do at this point.

I’ve been reading a whole lot more, which I’m happy about. I’m finishing books left and right and in one week went from being six books behind on my GoodReads challenge to being on track! I’m also working quite a few books off my TBR both by reading them, and by reevaluating why I want to read them. I only wish the Seattle public libraries would let me finish my library registration online so I could rent ebooks from them…

I’ve been working a lot more on my personal writing, too! I’ve been keeping up with writing something every day and trying to make semi-regular posts on my writing blog, Spradling’s Scrawlings. I do wish it got more attention and feedback, though, as right now it very much feels like I’m just posting into the void for no apparent reason. Initially when making the blog I wanted it to be a motivation to write daily, the way this blog has motivated me to keep up with it as I described above.

It is nice to finally get a “vacation” I suppose. Having been in graduate school, working three jobs, and then moving and in the midst of apartment hunting and planning I was also working full time… I’ve been tired. I haven’t really had a good break, other than the week off I had in Iceland in September (which was also stressful for a lot of reasons). It’s nice to be able to sleep enough, not work long tiring hours, and not fake my customer service smile all day. My hands are also recovering from the dry rash that the soap at work would give me after washing my hands a million times…

Things could be so much worse for me, and I’m glad to have the health of my husband and myself in this time. If the worst that we suffer from the pandemic is to be a little nuts from staying inside then I’ll be happy. I’m hoping the best for all of you book bees and your families, and that we can all make it out of this relatively intact.

Stay safe, stay home, stay reading!

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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