Monthly Wrap Up

April 2020 Wrap Up

What I read this month Winter’s Fury (Furyck Saga #1) by A.E. Rayne, 4 stars Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline, 3 stars A Prison in the Sun (Canary Islands Mysteries Book 3) by Isobel Blackthorn, 4 stars Red Queen (Red Queen #1) by Victoria Aveyard, 2 stars The […]

D&D Series

D&D Series #6: Building a Story

What is a D&D Story about? A story in D&D is about people, usually, but also often has themes of an overarching struggle. This struggle may be to find yourself, to save yourself, to save others, to find family, or any number of blended themes in between. In one campaign I played the story was […]


Review: Angels of the Universe by Einar Már Guðmundsson

In this tale of mental health and growing up, the author follows Paul. Paul grows up in Reykjavik in the shadow of Klepp, a mental institute he later becomes a resident of. Events such as his birth coinciding with the day Iceland joins NATO blend together into an almost cosmic fate for Paul as he […]

Book Tags

The Quick Fire Fantasy Tag!

Thank you to Michael at The Book Lovers’ Sanctuary for the tag! The Rules Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post Link to the creator’s blog (thebookwormdreamer) in your post Answer the prompts below – all fantasy books! Tag 5 others to take part Enjoy! Five Star Book: Old Magic […]

Discussion Posts

Discussion: (American) Southern Fiction

Definition: Southern Fiction and Southern Gothic “Southern Fiction” and “Southern Gothic Fiction” refer to genres born in the Southern United States, and can cover a whole lot of works. “Southern Fiction” generally refers to novels that take place in that region as a whole, and feature Southern characters and themes. “Southern Gothic” is a bit […]


Review: Burying the Honeysuckle Girls by Emily Carpenter

Althea Bell has been on the road to recovery many times in her life. Her latest attempt at rehab will hopefully be her last, as she promised her father she’d get clean and come home to take care of him as Alzheimer’s looms over his head. Althea has finally conquered the honeysuckle girl, and illusion […]

Monday Schedules

Monday Schedule: 4/27 – 5/3

Monday: 4/27 Blogging: Today I’ve got scheduled a review as well as an accompanying discussion post on Burying the Honeysuckle Girls Tuesday: 4/28 Reading: I’ll be starting on Dracula’s Guest which I bought like back in October and never started… Blogging: I was tagged for the Quickfire Fantasy Tag last week, and my responses will […]

Coffee with Catherine

Coffee With Catherine, April 2020

Hello book bees and welcome to my month rambly musing post that’s just kind of a digest of life this past month. And wow what a month it’s been. COVID-19 has changed life for many of us in a way that’s just absolutely astounding. I’ve been unemployed for over a month now, and though I’ve […]

Saturday Wrap Ups

Saturday “Morning” Wrap Up: 4/25

What am I reading? Clarissa’s Warning by Isobel Blackthorn After the disconcertingly dissatisfying ending of A Prison in the Sun, I thought that I’d look up the first two books in the series and see if they could answer my questions. Each book is standalone, but this book focuses on a character that was involved […]

Archive Reviews

Archive Review: Pretty Little Devils by Nancy Holder

It’s junior year of high school and Hazel’s ready for something to change. She wears a stylish outfit to school for once, and suddenly things do change. She gets attention from the new guy at school, and more impressively she gets attention from the It Girls, the Pretty Little Devils clique, fashionistas and babysitters and […]