April 2020 Goals

What I want to read

Blog Tours + Book Clubs

So far for April I have two books that are “required” reading. One is for a blog tour through damppebbles tours, and the other is from Our Shared Shelf on GoodReads! A Prison in the Sun is what I’ll be reviewing for the tour and Overdressed was one of the April reads for OSS that I was able to get on my Kindle!

Personal TBR

So far I’ve got only a handful of books on my personal upcoming TBR. Angels of the Universe is an Icelandic book that my husband wants me to read, so I’ll try to tackle that in April. I’ve also got a pirate fantasy novel, another fantasy novel, and a mystery/thriller on the list. I’m sure I’ll find more books I want to read though as our self isolation continues to look endless here in Seattle…

What I want to write

Judging from the posts that got the most attention in March, I’m thinking that more discussion posts are in order. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be posting, but I’ve got a couple of genre based posts in my drafts that I could finish up!

Blogging goals

I was really surprised by how popular my discussion post about fantasy and my top tropes post were! I think for this blog, I’d like to start having more of those sort of posts discussing things that I notice. In fact, I’ve started thinking about posts like that I can write based on the books I’m currently reading and reviewing, so that I can make those sorts of connections.

Other goals

I definitely want to increase the activity on my writing blog. I wouldn’t mind improving my Instagram feed, as well, though that’s hard with the lack of books I have to photograph… My new theme from March has been to incorporate tarot cards into my pictures but I’m sure there’s only so many times people can see and enjoy a picture of an ebook on a computer screen paired with tarot cards. We’ll see what sort of improvements April brings!

Have a wonderful April book bees!

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By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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