Coffee with Catherine

Coffee With Catherine, April 2020

Hello book bees and welcome to my month rambly musing post that’s just kind of a digest of life this past month.

And wow what a month it’s been. COVID-19 has changed life for many of us in a way that’s just absolutely astounding. I’ve been unemployed for over a month now, and though I’ve done my best to get a new job what leads I have are few and far between. Luckily, my father has agreed to bear the brunt of the financial responsibilities in sponsoring my husband moving forward with our immigration application. Which we’ve had to rapid fire try to deal with due to the newest executive order…

I’ve been working harder on my personal writing this month, though my writing blog hasn’t really see much frm that front. Instead I’m working on two submissions for publication due at the end of the month. I’m writing a couple of short stories.

It’s been hard, I won’t lie. Keeping up with this blog is the only firm responsibility I have but I can’t say that’s making things easier for me. If anything, it adds an undue sense of stress and need to be productive which doesn’t always help me get up in the morning. I just…wish I was employed in a job I enjoy and making enough to pay my bills regularly. That’s it.

I really don’t have much else to say here if I’m trying to avoid being too negative, I’m sorry book bees. Hope you all have a better May than April, and things are looking up for you!

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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