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Archived Review: Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga #4) by Stephenie Meyer

So the deal is struck: Bella will gain the immortal life of a vampire, so long as she marries Edward Cullen as a human first. In love, and desperate to begin their vampiric life together, Bella agrees. She finds herself married, and enjoying the last few human moments she will have before convincing her husband to turn her into one of his own kind.

Jacob is desperate. Desperate to be over Bella’s rejection of his love, Jake wants more than anything to be Imprinted and have his old feelings erased. Unfortunately, he is only further reminded of his old love for Bella when her and Edward’s return sets off alarm bells throughout the wolf pack. Jacob must choose whether to stand with the other wolves and confront the Cullens, or to protect Bella despite her choices.


What is Breaking Dawn about?

The final book in the Twilight Saga, this book covers what happens after Bella finally marries Edward and begins the life she wants. Unexpectedly, she gets pregnant during her human honeymoon, frightening the Cullens by the unknown nature of the child she carries. As Bella struggles with this new burden, Jacob gets an entire third of the book to his perspective. Struggles in the pack hierarchy become evident when Bella’s return with the Cullens sparks discussion of the treaty. Have the Cullens really broken their pact if Bella wanted to be turned? With Bella’s pregnancy, is there a new threat that may void the pact? Caught between his continued love for Bella and his pack’s worries, Jacob must make a choice between the vampire clan and his brothers (and sister, don’t forget about Leah!).

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Yep, this is the YA version of those infamous book series for adults with vampires, werewolves, weird battles between them, and of course a human stuck in the middle of it all.

Tropes: Vampire Ethics

We got a little bit of this in the previous two books, but with Bella finally marrying Edward and becoming a Cullen we get the full brunt of vampiric ethics and decisions. Turning children and the punishment for it, how the treaty with the wolves works, loyalty versus survival; all of these things get discussed from the vampire point of view.

Plot: Vampires cant leave anything alone

I mean really, if they’re not the nosy Denali clan or the Cullens trying to dictate to Bella how to live, they’re the Volturi deciding they really are the kings of all vampires. Being involved in everybody’s business is just what vampires do best.

The Good

Honestly it was nice to have the beating around the bush done with and Bella heading towards vampirism. It’s not often that a series like this goes beyond the “and she got her wish!” part, and it’s always pleasant when it does happen. Additionally, there were aspects of Bella’s personality as a vampire that really were satisfying. The use of her new wardrobe, the embracing of her powers, all of it was much more interesting in a character than her previous lovey dovey lack of backbone. I also enjoyed how much more we learned about the wolves with Jacob taking the POV role for a little while. That was a good touch and really did help with telling more of the story.

The Okay

Previously, most of the vampiric “powers” were things that largely took place in a vampire’s head and thus made sense as potential powers to be enhanced by the vampiric state. This book introduces an inconsistent system of powers that vampires have access to with little to no explanation of how vampires develop powers.

The Bad

Everything is resolved in such an…easy way. Jacob’s love for Bella is resolved by his Imprint. The wolves and the Cullens are now united by that same Imprint. The Volturi are mollified by what Alice discovers, and there’s not even any bloodshed. A lot of things are left up in the air for sure, and the future seems uncertain, but still. For a book that spends so much time exploring the world of vampires to see what the limits are, it sure does end on a quaint “and everybody lived happily ever after” sort of note. Wrapping things up like that fits in with the overall genre of the series, but there was still something lacking from the last book (probably the epic battle scene that everyone expected).

Final Thoughts

This book does manage to wrap up things in a way that fits the majority of the series. Jacob is no longer pining after Bella for the rest of his life, Bella and Edward are married and living in vampiric bliss together, and Bella managed to cram in one more very human experience in the least human manner possible before becoming an immortal vampire. The Volturi have no reason to storm the Cullens any longer, and as much as they may want to squash them for their way of life there’s an uneasy truce amongst all the supernatural groups now. Forks is a relatively safe place for Bella and Edward to have their family. While it may be strange that a book series fraught with the threat of vicious vampires ends on a “happily ever after” note, it certainly goes with the idyllic life Bella wanted the whole time. Though it was broody and cringe worthy on occasion, I enjoyed reading from Jacob’s perspective during the middle of the book as we finally gain the greater insight into the wolves’ lives that was desperately needed. The addition of greater and more interesting powers to the vampires involved was…almost interesting as a plot point. Some of the powers just made no sense as the world had been built to this point, and I think more exploration into that would have been nice.

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