Pride Month: Top Five LGBTQ+ Fiction

Hello book bees and welcome to another Pride themed post! Today I’ll be covering my top five fiction books about LGBTQ+ stories/characters! A fair warning, these are not ranked from best to least of my top five, they’re all on equal standing as my favorites!

1. Marriage of Unconvenience by Chelsea M. Cameron

This book is a wonderful tropey mess! The concept behind it is a “fake marriage to lovers” trope in which two young women who have been lifelong best friends get married to ease one another’s financial burdens and discover how much they truly love one another. [Goodreads]

2. Confessions of the Fox by Jordy Rosenberg

This book was hilariously written and fascinating at the same time. Taking place in dual timelines, Confessions of the Fox tells the story of a professor investigating the life of infamous historical jail breaker Jack Sheppard. Dr. Voth himself is threatened both by the deep emotional response to his recent romantic disaster and by the strange forces trying to obtain the manuscript he has his hands on. Meanwhile Voth explores the story of Jack, whose origins are very close to those of Voth. [Goodreads]

3. Cinder Ella by ST Lynn

This book, my god, this book. If you’re looking for the sweetest and most heartfelt of Cinderella retellings, this one is absolutely it. Ella is a black trans woman whose stepfamily refuse her identity, leading her to seek acceptance while in disguise. Ella is also a lesbian, seeking out the attentions of the princess at the ball rather than a prince. Though short, this retelling is an absolute must read. [Goodreads]

4. The Gods of Tango by Carolina De Robertis

In this book, young Leda travels from Italy to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to be with her lawfully wedded husband. There however she discovers that he has died tragically, leaving Leda a widow with impossible dreams. Leda then begins life again as Dante, a talented musician and ladies’ man. Dante’s story is very emotional, with love and desire and music all tangled together. Though the words to describe it are left out of the narrative, it becomes clear from Dante’s final choices that he desired to live as and be a man. [Goodreads]

5. The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

This book isn’t particularly widely known, but I know it because Bow graduated from the same college as I did. She visited my undergraduate school while I was there studying creative writing, and I bought this during her visit. I proceeded to devour it and write a final essay on it for my literary theory course. Bow’s main protagonist in this very literal presentation of the Panopticon is strong, fierce, philosophic, and bisexual. Seriously, if you’re into YA dystopian fiction, I recommend checking this one out!

Tell me in the comments some of your top fiction choices with LGBTQ+ characters, stories, and authors!

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