Pride Month: My Top Three Trans Characters in Fiction

Hello book bees and welcome to another post about pride month! Today I’d like to bring up some of my favorite trans characters in fiction.

Ella from Cinder Ella by ST Lynn

Yes I do keep suggesting this book. I’ll keep suggesting it until everyone in the world has read it! Cinder Ella is a novella retelling of Cinderella the fairy tale with Ella, a black trans woman. Ella has known her whole life she is trans, and despite her stepfamily trying to force her to live otherwise she is sure of her identity. Ella is also attracted to women, and the love interest in the fairy tale is a princess rather than a prince. I adored this novella because it was sweet, powerful, and fits the retelling perfectly.

Alex Fierro from Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan

I’m a fan of Riordan’s and have been for a while, but the Magnus Chase series was my favorite series for many reasons. Alex Fierro is one of them. Alex is a genderfluid trans character who alternates between male and female presentations and pronouns, preferring to default to female pronouns unless specified otherwise. Her gender identity goes hand in hand with shapeshifting abilities, allowing her to alter her body as well as her clothing to fit her gender fluidity. Alex is referred to with correct pronouns by the main character, Magnus, and the protagonists actively stay up to date with Alex’s pronouns so as to avoid misgendering her. She’s also hilarious, has a dry wit, and I love her crazy fashion sense!

Dante in The Gods of Tango by Carolina De Robertis

Dante’s life begins in Italy and ends up bringing him to Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Italy Dante struggled with being attracted to women–and while living as a woman knew this was not something he could ever admit to. After beginning life in Argentina as Dante, it becomes clear that he prefers to be a man. Even when he meets another talented female musician who dresses as a man, the difference in their identities is clear. Dante lives as a man for the rest of his life, being buried as one to follow his final wishes. The shift from Leda to Dante is a clear one, and reflects the narratives of a lot of historical figures that were most likely trans people (without that label being retroactively applied since identities are different across time).

I know this isn’t a lengthy or complete list of trans characters in fiction, nor is it the full list of all of them I adore. To be entirely honest, I felt the need to write this post as a result of a certain author’s awful words on the Internet. I want this post to help any trans readers out there feel loved. Your identities are real and valid, trans women are women and trans men are men. Trans lives matter, and in light of recent events BLACK trans lives especially matter. Too much violence and hurt is inflicted upon black trans people, especially black trans women.

If you’re interested in ways you can help support black trans women click here to check out the website for the Trans Women of Color Collective!

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