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Release Day Blitz Review: Hurricane Vignette by Avery Kilpatrick

Hurricane Vignette
Avery Kilpatrick

Genre: Poetry, Inspirational, Women Poets
Publisher: Avery Kilpatrick
Date of Publication: June 18, 2020
Number of pages: 64 pages
Word Count: 4,354

Cover Artist: Anna Claire Garrard

Book Description:

From debut poet and author Avery Kilpatrick, Hurricane Vignette tells the story of a difficult time in her life—a time of struggle, depression, suicide, recovery, and triumph. This poetry collection is a personal diary of Kilpatrick’s most inner thoughts and her journey of healing.

These poems are filled with raw emotion and contain sensitive subjects such as suicide, depression, and anxiety. However, like most stories, there is a happy ending—a moment of clarity that evokes peace and victory over the chaos of life.

An Artist’s Cage

     and painters—bringers
       of life and molds.
    Fingers feather over
   their lines and angles,
providing guiding hands
for Da Vinci or Shakespeare,
Aetion or Nikosthenes—
the Muses helped bring their
inspirations to life. A cage of color
and stone inescapable—unbreakable—
placed in a gallery for all to see.
A pillar that others should strive to achieve the
        perfection of the woman:
traditional chocolate hair with
        a lean, willowed figure,
cherry lips, painted face, shining eyes, and smiles.
The pinnacle of a natural standard of beauty—
        pretty, nice, braindead, submissive,
who relies on the Father,
       their Creator—or the Husband.
All independence erased by
       white paint or another block of clay. 
And the Muses, beautiful
       women who guided men,
 developed the cage, building a masterful
piece of iron, entrapping their fellow sisters.

About the Author:

Avery Kilpatrick was born in Flowood, Mississippi, in April 1996. Raised in a small town in the Mississippi Delta, she has a fondness for nature and the cotton fields that create Southern snow pastures in the fall. After writing her first novel when she was thirteen, Avery decided to pursue her dream as an author at a young age.

An alumnus of Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi, Avery graduated with a Bachelor’s in English. She also worked on the student-run newspaper, The Delta Statement, during her four-year career at Delta State as copy-editor and Editor-in-Chief.

Avery currently lives in a ranch-style home in her hometown in Greenwood, Mississippi. The mother of three fur babies, Cinnamon the spoiled cat, Ginger the rambunctious old lady, and Remington a.k.a. Remi the service dog, Avery has enough fur from shedding animals to make a fourth pet. When Avery isn’t busy writing her next novel, she goes on walks with her mother and dogs, watches Outlander or Criminal Minds on Netflix, or can be found curled up on the couch with Cinnamon reading a good book.

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What is Hurricane Vignette about?

This collection of poems is about a time in the author’s life when she shattered. The poems are arranged to tell a story, showing a glimpse into the author’s childhood and then moving forward to the time in which the author realized something was wrong. The poems served as the author’s way of working through the intense emotions she dealt with in this time, and now they give insight into that whirlwind as she lived it.

Genre: Poetry

This collection of poetry is part autobiographical and part beautifully written. Some of the poems take metaphor to a whole other level, while others are pure and raw pain and emotion.

Themes: Self love, isolation, pain

There is a lot of pain and isolation of one’s self in the beginning poems and in the middle. It’s clear that Kilpatrick felt a lot of anguish during the time in which these poems were set. However, there is also growth and a slow realization of love of one’s self and of others.

The Good

There was a lot of raw emotion and clear feeling in these poems. I especially liked the ones that looked back on the good times in her childhood, and the ones where her anger simmered and showed itself.

The Okay

The trauma that caused this life shattering moment is left vague (I believe intentionally), and while I agree with that choice there is a bit of an unintended implication in some of the later poems that one form of trauma entitles the poet to speak on all forms of trauma. Again, I don’t think this was an intentional point but it came out in one of the later poems, probably in what was supposed to be a “standing up for others” moment that just fell flat a little bit.

The Bad

To tie in with the confusion I expressed in the previous sections, I felt as though this collection wasn’t quite finished. While it has a narrative arc and a clear chronology, there were poems that I felt had skipped over something and left thoughts unresolved. Of course, a collection of poetry doesn’t need to have the same formatted narrative as a novella or novel, but it’s still nice to have some kind of resolution which I felt this book was lacking.

Final Thoughts

This collection is absolutely powerful in its raw emotion. I can appreciate how much of herself the author put into the poetry, and I enjoy the interesting way in which they are ordered to align with the author’s life. I found the progression of poems well ordered and Kilpatrick’s use of metaphor to be rather inspired.

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