Saturday Wrap Ups

Saturday Morning Wrap Up: 6/20

What am I reading?

The Gentleman Physician by Sally Britton

The Haunted Lady by Mary Roberts Rinehart

This week’s reads:

  • The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton, 4 stars
  • Icelandic Folk Legends: Tales of Apparitions, Outlaws, and Things Unseen by Alda Sigmundsdóttir, 3 stars
  • soft in the middle by Shelby Eileen, 4 stars

What am I posting?


Blog Posts


What’s next?

I think I’m well on my way to keeping up this much activity, which I’m pretty proud of considering I’m working full time and barely have the time to keep scheduling blog posts. I always feel like I’m a weird combination of a couple of days ahead and a couple of days behind. In trying to maintain the momentum for some of my June goals I’m also losing sight of where I should go next. Good thing I still have the rest of the month to figure things out!

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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