July 2020 Goals

Wow book bees, July already? I’m not okay with how time is moving if I’m entirely honest. I’d like things to slow down a bit, I’d like a moment to breathe and take stuff in. But whatever, right?

1. Maintain my streak (Yes, this again)

I’ve had my streak going for almost 80 days now and I’m coming for 100!

2. Transition from D&D series to Kindle Unlimited

Today my husband asked me how my D&D posts were doing and I realized my most “popular” one had only 13 views; most of them have far fewer. Since I’m no longer actively playing D&D, and honestly a little tired of coming up with D&D content when so much is happening in that part of the Internet, I think I’m going to bring the series to a close. I’ve already got one more post in the works and I’d like to end on a number divisible by five because I’m weird. But after I’ve figured out how many posts are left, I want to transition Thursdays into my Kindle Unlimited series, since that got decent reception.

3. Start transitioning to StoryGraph

As of right now, I have a StoryGraph but I’m not actively using it yet. I’m not sure if I’ll completely leave behind GoodReads, but I would definitely like to start using StoryGraph more.

4. Read something outside of my comfort zone

I’ve switched things up quite a bit since becoming a book blogger, in part because I’ve been exposed to some amazing books that I would never have heard about without the book blogging community. However there are still some things I haven’t really given a chance since starting this blog. Science fiction continues to reside on the “do not read” shelf, as well as first person narratives, super popular YA fantasy (I’ve dipped my toes in here or there but never dived on in), and books covering a range of common tropes that I decided a long time ago I didn’t care about. In seeking out these books, I’m also hoping to make a point of reading books put out by BIPOC and queer authors that fall into these categories.

5. Sign up for another readathon!

Book bees I haven’t done a readathon in so long! This was due to a few factors, namely at one time I signed up for two overlapping readathons that were just too much work and took a hiatus from them since. That being said, I miss readathons. I miss picking books for prompts. I’d like to sign up for one in July, so if you have any suggestions for a fun one (preferably lasting two weeks or more) please leave them in the comments!

There we have it book bees, my five goals for July 2020. What are some of your goals this month? Please let me know in the comments!

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By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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