Saturday Wrap Ups

Saturday “Morning” Wrap Up: 7/4

Sorry for being a bit late with this post book bees! After my days off were jerked around due to an unfortunate situation, my boss finally got things sorted out and gave me today off to make up for everything. Naturally, I slept in and forgot completely that I hadn’t finished this post up and scheduled it yet….

What am I reading?

Knightmare Arcanist (Frith Chronicles #1) by Shami Stovall

The Curse of Calico Jack by Colin Garrow

Night of the Shadow Moon (Furyck Saga #3) by A.E. Rayne

The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women by Kate Moore

Emergency Skin by NK Jemisin

This week’s reads:

  • The Beast Side: Living (And Dying) While Black in America by D. Watkins, 5 stars
  • The Gentleman Physician (Branches of Love #2) by Sally Britton, 4 stars

What am I posting?


Blog Posts:


What’s next?

Hopefully some stability honestly. I think I’ve finally worked out a way to make sure I get all my blogging done during my spare time, but it definitely requires that my schedule stay consistent.

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I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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