StoryGraph Exploration

Hiya book bees! So I’m slowly trying to get used to StoryGraph and explore more of its options. I finally got the “Ordered For You” function so that’s exciting! But here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been exploring since I posted about StoryGraph last.

Ordered For You

My first impression of the “Ordered For You” function is that it at least somewhat knows what it’s doing. Scrolling through the books that are there currently, quite a few titles that I’ve already marked for TBR are listed there. I find that I do appreciate the way moods are listed because it reflects what I seem to read the most, and what the Ordered For You list thinks goes hand in hand with those books. I definitely feel like these recommendations are done with a more nuanced understanding of what I read as a whole, whereas Goodreads recs tend to be hit or miss for me because they focus so much on a particular book when that book might not be something I enjoy all that much.

Adjusting Reading Challenge

This is a slow process for me that’s kinda messing with my motivation to utilize StoryGraph. During the import, they informed me that any books I added as “read” to Goodreads this year would be recorded for 2020 reading dates and added to my reading challenge (which I set up on StoryGraph as well). Unfortunately, I’m really picky about this and I’m just going through my books list changing the dates of the ones I’ve not read this year. It’s not fun…

Re-Read Dates

So I must have gotten my wires crossed or this was something that I was misinformed about, but I was under the impression StoryGraph was not yet set up to allow for re-read dates. I didn’t really care all that much as I don’t track books I re-read the way I do books I’m reading for the first time, because I don’t count them towards my overall reading goal for the year. But I have found that the re-read dates is helping me with setting books that I shelved this year but did not read up so as not to pad out my reading challenge.

DNF List

I think this is the feature that so far I like the most and find the most useful. As we all know, figuring out a way to mark your DNF books on Goodreads can be a challenge. For a long timeI didn’t mark them until I wanted to start keeping an eye on a few of them, so that I could leave honest reviews. StoryGraph has made a much easier option but listing DNF as an option with “Read” “Want to Read” and “Currently Reading.”

Final Thoughts

Thus far, StoryGraph is definitely still a website in beta. There are some things I really like about it, but in general I’m still having trouble figuring the whole thing out. I can’t wait to see what happens with it next and what directions the site grows in! And I definitely appreciate some of the features such as Ordered For You and the DNF shelf for being what readers and bloggers have been asking for.

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