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Delving Into Kindle Unlimited #3

Hello book bees and welcome as I continue to struggle with what to do with this series! Last week I tried out the idea of using the catalog to find something new. Thus far I’ve finished Emergency Skin by NK Jemisin, which was one of my first forays into the (for me) uncomfortable world of science fiction. It was unsurprisingly really good, and I did enjoy it! As a result, since I have two open spots for new loans from Kindle Unlimited I’m thinking I’m going to try and find more shorter science fiction to add to my TBR.

Search Number 1: Recommended For You

This list is made based on a combination of factors as far as I can tell. It draws on authors I’ve read through KU loans, books I’ve read, as well as books I’ve recently rented regardless of how long I had them, or if I’ve even opened them yet. As a result, this list is mostly not science fiction as I haven’t read a lot of that yet. But I’m hoping that the turn around of Emergency Skin as one of my loans will lead to some new titles popping up.

Here’s what I found:

Unsurprisingly, the first couple of pages of recommendations are largely romance, fantasy, and books by authors I’ve read through KU before. However, another one of the Forward books–the collection Emergency Skin belongs to–popped up. You Have Arrived at Your Destination is another short Sci-Fi read but I’ll be honest, the description doesn’t appeal to me so I think I’ll have to pass. Next I found a combination horror Sci-Fi something about alien themed horror stories. This doesn’t exactly draw me in as both the title and the cover are somewhat off-putting to me.

And this is the point where I stop looking for science fiction. I know, I know, I’m supposed to try new things. But I have now passed through about ten pages of recommendations, some of which I genuinely did think “oooooh but I want to read this!” and pass up knowing I can only rent two more books right now. So, for the rest of the post I’ll just be talking about what I’m adding to my TBR from the categories I’m searching, starting here with my recommendations!

  • My Dearest Hurricane: Love and Things that Looked Like it by Morgan Nikola-Wren
  • Wraith King (Forbidden Forest #3) by Amber Argyle
  • Caribbean Jewel by Jayla Jasso
  • The Glamourist (The Vine Witch #2) by Luanne G. Smith
  • Dread Nation by Justina Ireland
  • Driftwood by Marya Layth

Search Number 2: New and Notable

I like this section because this is usually where books that I’ve been hoping will be added to KU pop up. For this post I only went through the first three pages, and though a couple of titles almost enticed me, I didn’t find anything new to add to my TBR.


So this didn’t turn out how I originally thought it would. When I started this post, I was planning to look for more science fiction but discovered this to be too tedious and unappealing. Instead, I ended up with a handful of titles added to my TBR that I know I’ll likely enjoy. So in not fulfilling my goals, I still accomplished what I think is most important: finding books I want to read and will be good to read.

What do you think, book bees? Any of these titles jump out to you? Do you think I should search for something different in KU?

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