Monday Schedules

Monday Schedule: 7/13 – 7/19

Well after a rocky start I suppose this week is beginning. A couple days ago my boss was trying to arrange to go on a little trip with her family and exchanged working two Friday evenings with me so I would work one Wednesday. I was going to have a three day “weekend” this week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off) after I worked into overtime by doing a full 9 hours on Friday, and then a four day week the week I worked a Wednesday. Yesterday she texted me that her trip was off but asked if instead I could work another full Friday so she could do something else. Plus, this morning my husband woke up in a lot of tooth pain. He woke me at about three AM to ask about some of his symptoms, then again at seven during his call to the dentist. I’m very tried, book bees. This week is going to be a mess I can already tell….


  • Blogging: I’m hoping to finish my post about organizing my TBR and publish that, as I didn’t manage to get much blog work done yesterday


  • Blogging: I’ll be writing an archive review and accompanying discussion post for tomorrow


  • Reading: I’ll be starting The Stubborn Archivist
  • Blogging: To follow up my blog tour review of Knightmare Arcanist I’ve got a discussion post scheduled about the magic system in the book!


  • Blogging: For Thursday I’m hoping to have finished The Radium Girls so I can review it for y’all


  • Blogging: Don’t hate me, but my post for Friday will be about Twilight. Specifically, it’ll be about looking at the character of Bella Swan and why we all love to hate her


  • Blogging: I’m planning something pretty spontaneous and random; a review of some poetry from an online lit magazine


  • I haven’t gotten this far with my planning yet

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