StoryGraph: Ordered For You function

Hello book bees and welcome to another post themed around StoryGraph!

The first thing I’ve discovered through the Ordered For You feature is that not everything from my Goodreads list transferred over easily, evidently. When I did the upload, StoryGraph informed me that a couple of titles hadn’t been available for various reasons. But I just found Children of Blood and Bone recommended to me in Ordered For You despite the fact that I’ve already read it…

Another thing I’ve found is that once I’ve added something to my “to read” list, that doesn’t necessarily remove it from my Ordered For You list. This is all right, I suppose, as it kind of encourages you to consider things already on your TBR when searching for a new book. My reservation with this being part of the feature is that I won’t always get wholly new books which might be what I’m searching for ultimately.

I do really like the filter options, and that they’re so customizable. I feel as though Goodreads never really gives me mood based recommendations–and often the recs I get based on books I’m currently reading are way off base. Being able to get so specific in the search function to find books that suit the exact mood I’m in is a brilliant idea.

I’m thinking that I might try and use Ordered For You to build my next TBR list in September! The mood functions are specifically really great, and since I haven’t really transitioned into using StoryGraph for my general tracking of books yet, I’m okay with the way books I’ve already marked “read” or “to read” pop up in the initial suggestions page.

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