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Delving into Kindle Unlimited #3: Can you find new releases?

Hello book bees and welcome to another KU post! For this post, I will be attempting to hunt for new releases from late 2019 to early 2020 and seeing how many from my TBR are available in KU right now!

So despite my best efforts, I am not finding a way to look at my “want to read” books specifically with 2019 and 2020 publication dates. The best I can do is order my list by most recently added and do process of elimination to figure out how many of these books are what I’m defining as a recent release. KU is a little bit easier, as I can set the parameters of when the books were added to KU to within 30-60 days–as new releases would understandably be only recently added to KU.

Since I don’t want to be slogging through endless amounts of books that I don’t care about (there are 400 pages of books added in the past 30 days) I’m going to try and do some basic searches and see how many of the books come up. I’ll start by going through the “new and notable” section of KU pretty quickly, since I’ll only be stopping to check books whose titles I recognize. From first glance, I am seeing a scattering of books that say they were published in 2019/2020. Some of them are just the edition date (Where the Sidewalk Ends was definitely published before 2019 after all) but a few of them do seem to be recent publications, if not ones from my existing TBR.

As it turns out, it’s rather easy to sort the KU list by publication date, which cuts down on the work I have to do to search by a bit. It’s still annoying, though, because the tags for KU books can be so far reaching! Right now, in searching just the Teen and Young Adult category, I’ve passed self-help and cookbooks because they were also tagged for teens. It’s frustrating, but it’s bound to happen in any category unless I want to spend even more time setting up the filters.

My Conclusion: You can find recently published books, and new releases, in Kindle Unlimited, if you know how to look for them. Your best bet is to have a specific title in mind that you can search for. If you’re just looking to catch up on recent releases in your preferred genre, be prepared to either get super specific in your search filters, or be willing to scroll through a lot of books. The categories used in KU are too widespread and the same books will appear over and over in genre tags that don’t always make sense.

By Catherine

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