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What I’ll Auto-Read

Hello book bees! For this post, I’ll be listing just some of the tropes, plots, and elements of a book that will always automatically entice me! This means I might add this book to my TBR, purchase it if on hand, or rent it from Kindle Unlimited or the library.

  • Vampires: I will always be interested in a story about vampires
  • Unique witchcraft
  • Incorporation of my favorite myths (Hawaiian folklore, Egyptian folklore, Scandinavian folklore, Atlantis stories)
  • Queer female characters (especially bisexual ones!)
  • A character whose narrative voice I really enjoy
  • Pirates
  • Anything sea related honestly
  • Villains with super complex motivations
  • Interesting takes on dragons and draconic magic
  • Retellings of Beauty and the Beast
  • Dark twists on fairy tales
  • Alternatively: happy twists on really sad fairy tales
  • Lots of women; if the full cast of characters are women (or women with some non-binary or gender fluid characters) I’m in
  • Well written erotic scenes
  • Weirdly insightful social commentary

There you have it book bees! Not a long post by any means, but I wonder what kind of insight this list gives into the kinds of books I review on this blog…

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