August Readathons: Should I join one?

Hello book bees! So I haven’t done a readathon in a while, and now that I’ve got a bit more access to library books I’m hoping to join in on one due to my being able to actually get more specific books! I’m still kind of at the mercy of Kindle Unlimited but so be it. Anyways, I’m thinking of joining in on an August readathon that starts midway through the month, so this post will be about exploring potential options.

Witchy Readathon

So this readathon began on the 1st of August but runs through the whole month and allows for sign ups at any time, which is good considering how late in the game I’m looking at it…

I really like that this readathon has no set amount of books, nor format, nor restrictions like only fiction. The challenge is wide open and the post I’ve read even says that reading only one book is enough to participate. Basically the idea is to read books that feature a magical person (the post explains that they don’t need to be called a witch specifically) and focuses on magic. Easy enough! I think I’ll definitely be able to participate in this one!


This readathon is meant to thin out your TBR by giving you prompts that help you select books you already want to read. While generally I already draw on my TBR for readathon inspirations, I think this one sounds like a really good idea as well! I don’t think I’ll be joining in this time around, mostly because this readathon seems really involved. There’s prompts and challenges spanning Twitter and Instagram as well as just for your TBR and I just don’t know that I’m down to start a big readathon five days late…

Roll the Dice Readathon

As a D&D nerd this one automatically caught my attention. Taking place the 24th to the 30th, this readathon focuses on using dice to determine your next read. The idea is to use dice to randomly decide which prompt to follow during the readathon, and to read a book that is based on that prompt. Since this seems easy enough and only requires a single book, I definitely think I want to join in!


This readathon is a really fun looking one! Taking place from August 16th to 23rd, it includes a map where you begin from a location of your choosing and then travel across the map, following the prompts that you come across. It’s pirate themed, which is definitely up my alley!

I think I’m going to add this one to my calendar, but I won’t force myself to accomplish it since you have to complete four or more challenges to finish the readathon and that seems like a lot to do in a week…

Final Thoughts

So I think I can definitely participate in the Witchy Readathon, as I’m already reading at least one book that fulfills that challenge. I also think the Roll the Dice readathon will be relatively easy to complete, as it only expects one book of you. I’ll be giving the ScallyWagAThon a go, but if I don’t complete it I just don’t. Sound off in the comments if you’re participating in any fun August readathons!

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