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To ReRead or not to ReRead

That is the question!

I always find myself torn on the topic of rereading. As the years go by, I challenge myself to read more and more books–and I personally do not count rereading towards those goals, as often a reread is a spontaneous decision. Since becoming a book blogger, I have occasionally included rereads as readathon prompt fulfillment, such as utilizing Practical Magic. I have also blogged about books I read in the past.

For the most part, I reread entirely based on mood. I’ve been suddenly struck with the desire to reread classics and childhood favorites alike. Often I end up with a mishmashed collection of ebooks for books I already own but don’t have access to because of my moods. I can absolutely stick to a TBR of books I’ve never read before, but when it comes to rereads I have to go entirely by mood.

However, I never feel like a reread can replace all the books I need/want to be reading otherwise. If I read on average 5-8 books at a time, none of those are rereads; rereading is just piled on top of all of that. Likewise, I allow my rereads to go a lot slower than other books, where I’m trying to make sure I get them finished in a week or two in order to review them, mark them off my TBR, and accomplish challenges for readathons or be ready for blog tours.

So in a way, I consider rereading a distraction from other things I want to be doing. I want to be reading new and interesting books, books I’ve never explored before, but I find myself picking up old tattered paperbacks I’ve read dozens of times to lose myself for a while. Why?

Honestly I think it has to do with a combination of nostalgia, and good storytelling that doesn’t end. A book that I have fond feelings for combined with a narrative that left me with questions, with something about the world unresolved, is a great recipe for a reread. I love books where I can reread them and find something new, but also revel in the feelings that the book reminds me of from when I first read it. Avalon High is like that, for me, as well as books like Practical Magic and Beastly.

How do you feel about rereading books? Is it something you enjoy, or something you rarely do? What inspires you to reread something?

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