Review: Wayhaven Chronicles Book Two by Mishka Jenkins

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What is Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two about?

In this second installment, your detective (who can be uploaded right from a saved game in Book One, or crafted anew through making key decisions and choosing descriptors) is working as the human liaison for the Agency and the town of Wayhaven. Unit Bravo will be living in a refurbished warehouse just outside of town, doing patrols and making sure the supernatural and Wayhaven continue to coexist. As detective, you’re no longer faced with an intense murder case but instead your first mission with the Agency. A strange disease that affects both humans and supernaturals begins spreading, and you think it has to do with the carnival that just came to town…

Customization/Play Options

This book you get a chance to do a few more customization things with your detective. You can determine how tall your detective is, as well as change up their dress style if you like. Additionally, since you can choose to either import your character as is or make key decisions, you can influence the core stats of the game pretty heavily by choosing what personality traits are more important to you if you disagreed with the percentages you had ending Book One. You also get to make new choices that influence how you interact with supernaturals other than Unit Bravo which is pretty fun! You are, though, locked into whatever romance choice (or the friendship route if you prefer) you made in the first book.

The Romance

Thus far I have played all four single romance routes, but I haven’t yet explored the love triangle or friendship route, sorry about that! I can say that the romance progresses in an interesting manner. A continues to be very very slow burn, but if you would like the other three routes allow some degree of a relationship to develop. Of course, at every stage you as the detective can decide to move forward or not. Casual touches, as well as not-so-casual moments are all based around the consent of the detective. This is very lovely, and I’m glad the author continues to give every player a way to be comfortable.

The Good

Oh man this was an excellent follow up. I really loved revisiting the world of Wayhaven and Unit Bravo, and I especially appreciate the split POVs now more than ever! Seeing how your chosen romantic interest reacts to seeing you again after two months is just…. chef’s kiss. Also, I really enjoy the antagonist/conflict source for this book! The vampire adversary you face in the first book is a great introduction to the world, and Unit Bravo as well, but this was far more interesting to dive into a little known myth and experience how the Agency operates first hand! Also, I’m a sucker for a good carnival. And can I just say, the kisses and the steamier scenes in some of the routes? Blew me away!

The Okay

I don’t have a lot to say here. I thought Falk was interesting, but also I noticed he changes intentions depending on your route which can either be cool or creepy depending on how you interpret it. I thought it was cool, but I can understand others not feeling the same. A’s route is so slow burn it’s frustrating, but that’s absolutely the point.

Final Thoughts

I am absolutely still hooked on this story. I love the fact that you can kind of make a whole new detective for Book Two if you want, and also enjoy the convenience of importing a saved Book One character. I was pleased with the progression of all the romance interests, and I imagine it’s similar with the friendship and love triangle routes though I haven’t played those. I am absolutely thrilled about the world expanding, and I especially love that by playing different detectives I discovered the various different endings to the plot of this book–there are a lot of options honestly.

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