Review: Magic With Skin On by Morgan Nikola-Wren


What is Magic With Skin On about?

Magic With Skin On is about love, and falling in love, but also the betrayal of that love. It’s about weaving magic for others only for that to turn into pain, and retreating into one’s self to weave your own magic once more. It’s about growth and surviving through the pain, and moving on one day. It’s about how magical it is to exist in a body that can grow and move on.

Genre: Poetry

Except for occasional breaks to explain the context of the next set of poems, this is pure beautiful verse!

Themes: Love, Magic, Survival

The magic of writing, the love that the poet endured, and the survival of that crumbling love are all major themes throughout the story.

The Good

The poems in this collection are downright beautiful, and heartbreaking at the same time. I honestly couldn’t get over some of the lines–there were such powerful words in the poems and integrated magically into the thread of a story. There’s just the barest hint of a narrative as well as glimpses into a life we only get to see briefly through the windows of the act intros interspersed throughout.

Final Thoughts

This collection is absolutely gorgeous. It was everything I hoped it would be! The magic in the poems is absolutely tangible, present in each page and each word. The poems are captivating and wonderful, and the narrative flow of the acts creates almost a slice of life sort of read. The poems have emotion and grit and teeth to them, and I absolutely recommend reading this collection if you’re looking for something heartbreaking, emotional, and encouraging all at once!

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