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Vampire Discussion: Josie Jaffrey’s Silvers

Who are the Silvers?

The Silvers are Josie Jaffrey’s take on vampires. While in the book, they do acknowledge they are also vampires, Silver is their preferred term to distinguish themselves from humans. Silvers are immortal blood drinkers, so definitely vampires. There’s a distinct society of Silvers that blends into the human world but also lives just slightly apart and has its own rules and governing bodies, as well as different levels of enforcers for those rules.

Unusual traits:

One of the first things that Jaffrey established about the Silvers that struck me as unusual is how many human normalcies they engage in. Usually, vampires can only be affected by food, drugs, or alcohol consumed by their victims. In Jaffrey’s world, Silvers act much like humans: they can get drunk, they sleep, and they have basic needs. They have higher metabolisms, naturally, and do need to consume blood with regularity.

I also found their society slightly unusual for its level of organization but also slack. There’s really only one rule for the Seekers to enforce: don’t reveal yourselves to humans. Even so, there are levels of the hierarchy around governing and enforcing these rules that are incredibly complex.

How they are traditional vampires:

Silvers have been around for centuries. Some of the vampires that Jack encounters in her story are hundreds of years old, and as a relatively young vampire she is acutely aware of this age difference. Silvers accumulate a whole lot of wealth and power as a result, engaging in all sorts of artistic and political pursuits with their power in hand. Additionally, Silvers for the most part don’t have a lot of respect for humans. Some have less humanity than others based on their core personality, but it does seem as though the longer one is a Silver the less they care about human affairs.

It’s also not all that unusual to have levels of society for the vampires including some governing body that enforces “vampire law.” The Seekers are more organized than the typical vampire law enforcement, I’d say, but not out of the realm of possibility.

Final thoughts

I think the Silvers are interesting thus far! Just enough of the traditional vampire existence to be recognizable, and just enough creativity to get me hooked. I definitely want to learn more about their internal politics, and the good news is May Day very much sets us up for that eventuality. I also like that Jack is a vampire, a Silver, herself, but enough of an outsider to provide natural exposition to the readers. She’s a young Silver, only a couple decades under her belt, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility for some things to need to be explained to her. Very helpful! I think I want to know more about the social structure and specifically how Silvers work their way into it. Is it an age thing? Are there elections or nominations? I’ve got some questions, and I’m excited for the Seekers series to answer them!

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