Book and Beverage Pairings!

Interview With the Vampire and red wine

Personally, I would pair red wine with just about any vampire novel for the aesthetic of it. But Interview With the Vampire works especially well with this because the aesthetics of Louis and Lestat drinking blood from wine glasses and goblets is so appealing!

Practical Magic and tea

Honestly, any warm drink of your choice would work, but the herbal smell of tea is what inspires thoughts of witches for me. Practical Magic is such a homey comfort read with just a whiff of the magic that it claims. I enjoy reading it with a hot mug in my hands!

The Vine Witch and wine or something bubbly

Absolutely appropriate to The Vine Witch, a book about witches who grow wine grapes, would be a glass of wine! But it also strikes me as the kind of book that just some non-alcoholic sparkling cider might go well with. Something bubbly that you can pour into a fancier glass is ideal for this book. Let the magic inspire your beverage choice!

Wuthering Heights and whiskey

Perhaps its the slight alliteration but whiskey seems like the perfect drink to have with this dark and gloomy classic. It’s also an excellent measurement of how much of the book can be gotten through in a sitting. Having plowed through Wuthering Heights on multiple occasions, I don’t recommend binge reading it all the time. A glass of whiskey is probably a good way to measure how many chapters to get through before setting it down for the night.

Furyck Saga and beer

This series is an epic fantasy inspired by Viking mythology and history. While the ale and mead historically consumed by Vikings would be vastly different from what we drink as beer today, it’s a fantasy series set in a fictional world anyways, so who cares? A nice cold beer goes well with any of the books!

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By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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