Blogtober Day 4: Top 3 Most Interesting Vampires

So last year, I made this post about my top 3 favorite vampires. This year I thought I’d make it the most interesting vampires!

Mary from Dracula 2000

Dracula 2000 is a movie with the premise that Van Helsing was unable to fully kill Dracula, instead imprisoning him in an elaborate crypt and drawing blood from him regularly to strengthen himself. When theives inadvertently release Dracula, Van Helsing must track him down to New Orleans where the vampire is searching for a young woman: Mary. Mary and Dracula have a connection that has plagued Mary her whole life. Spoilers: Mary is Van Helsing’s daughter, and due to taking Dracula’s blood, Van Helsing’s own DNA contained Dracula’s. Mary thus fascinates Dracula, who transforms her to see what might happen, and then releases her from being a vampire out of remorse. I find that Mary carrying Dracula’s DNA as well as her fathers, being transformed into seemingly a stronger and more powerful vampire than others, and then being able to return to being human was a really interesting plot!

Rosalie Cullen from Twilight Saga

Admittedly, almost all of the Cullens aside from Emmett and Edward are pretty interesting with such strange backstories. Alice is up there for me, but since we know so little about her there’s not much to say. Rosalie, though, fascinates me with her backstory. I love that she exacted revenge in such a highly dramatic way–and that there’s clearly no regret. The Cullens may not have approved of killing humans, but they didn’t stop her from getting back at the men who raped and murdered her. I especially love the way she describes killing her ex-fiance in a wedding dress.

The Dean in Carmilla the series

Did you really think I could get through a whole post on vampires without mentioning Carmilla? The Dean is Carmilla’s “mother” in this version of the story, dean of the University of Silas where the events take place. In the first season the Dean is never seen only mentioned as a figure of dread and terror on campus with infinite power. She possesses Laura’s body at one point to threaten Carmilla, and takes on a human body for the duration of the series as it is slowly revealed that she is far more than just a mastermind vampire.

So there you have it, my top 3 most interesting vampires! Let me know in the comments below if there are any vampires you’ve read about/seen that continue to fascinate you.

By Catherine

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