Blogtober Day 16: A Peek at My Writing

Hello there! Full disclosure: This is kind of a throwaway post. I meant to post this as my day 15 of Blogtober, but the stress and depression of the past….months? I don’t rightly know, but that stress led to my not working on blog stuff yesterday or the day before really. So this post is mostly because it’s what I find easy to post and still maintain my streak.

It was initially my goal to also maintain posts daily on my writing blog, Spradling’s Scrawlings, but I have absolutely not fulfilled that goal. Still, I’ve managed to put some posts up. Here’s a snippet for an example:

The leaves crunched in a dissatisfying way, too wet from the rain three days’ past to really crackle under foot. Overall the night was still soggy, despite having not rained again. Humidity hung heavy in the air, as well, and the necromancer had peeled off the thin sweater she was wearing. The sticky humidity was so strong that she couldn’t even feel the brushes of cold air that came with moving past the ghosts lingering along the sidewalk. Ghosts weren’t very active in the autumn despite popular culture and the whole ghostly association with October. It was too cold for their already frigid forms, at least that was the necromancer’s theory. Autumn was her slow season, being paid largely based on rumors and human error than actual hauntings. Even now, heading to her only job that week, the necromancer was fairly certain that she’d discover some old pipes or an animal trapped in the walls of the apartment she’d be surveying. 

For more of this type of stuff, check out the original post here!

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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