It’s release day for World Serpent Arcanist!

This is a pretty atypical post for me, but I’m excited, so who cares! Today is the release day for Shami Stovall’s fifth installment in the Frith Chronicles, called World Serpent Arcanist. You can find the Amazon listing here! For the record, I am not being paid to promote this book, author, or series, I’m just a dedicated fan.

The Frith Chronicles have recently beat out the Inheritance Cycle as my favorite all-time fantasy series, and it’s been incredible getting to read these books. I first reviewed book one, Knightmare Arcanist, as part of a blog tour back in July and I have been slowly consuming the rest of the series on Kindle Unlimited since then. I adore them! I even put “Volke Savan appreciator” in my Twitter name!

Let me try to convince you further that this series is phenomenal:

Review of Knightmare Arcanist (book one)

Review of Dread Pirate Arcanist (book two)

Review of Coliseum Arcanist (book three)

My review of book four is forthcoming (I just finished it last night), and of course I’ll have to review the fifth book as well! Seriously, though, please check out these books and this author and then come back and gush about them with me!

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