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Top Fantasy Post Series: Fairy Tale Fantasy

Yes, we’ve got another one of these posts on my top fantasy series! And yes I’m going to be gushing and ranting about fairy tales once again! If you’re tired of that, too bad, fairy tale retellings are what got this blog rolling in the first place haha. Dark Fairy Tale Queen series by Anita […]


Review: World Serpent Arcanist (Frith Chronicles #5) by Shami Stovall

Death. Destiny. The rise of god-arcanists. Volke Savan has reunited with the Frith Guild just in time to help fight the Second Ascension, a group of power-hungry dastards bent on controlling the newly created god creatures. The world serpent is the first on their list, and if the Second Ascension manages to harness its power, […]

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Discussion: Flintlock Fantasy, what is it?

So first things first: Flintlock Fantasy is a subgenre of Fantasy (actually it’s a subgenre of a subgenre) that is kind of unofficial. It’s not widely known, nor used as a common tag, but it’s acknowledged if small. The genre name comes from the use of flintlock weapons, a type of mechanism in guns. It’s […]