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The Book Snob Book Tag!

Thank you to John at Tales of Absurdia for the tag! This tag came from Tia and All the Books originally.

Adaptation Snob: Do You Always Read The Book Before Watching The Film/ TV Show?

I used to be militant about doing so, but actually these days I tend to do so the other way around. With so many shows being produced as adaptations lately, I often get sucked into a show and discover a story I never knew existed! Big Little Lies, Sharp Objects, You, Killing Eve, and a few others are all shows that I watched before reading the book. Sometimes I find that I prefer the show to the books!

Format Snob: You Can Only Choose 1 Format In Which To Read Books For The Rest Of Your Life.

Which One Do You Choose: Physical Books, EBooks, Or Audiobooks?

I honestly would pick physical books. Now, I do read the majority of my books currently in ebook format but that’s due to the accessibility of them. I have a couple of bookshelves full of books in storage with my family, and I love being able to read a physical book. Dogearing, annotating, and otherwise wearing in my books is a huge part of my enjoyment. I love that the more battered a book is, the more you can tell I love it!

Ship Snob: Would You Date Or Marry A Non-Reader?

In the past I’ve dated non-readers, and my spouse is in a grey area. He doesn’t consider himself a reader, but he does like books and listens to a lot of audiobooks. Mostly we bond over books that we have in common–such as The Martian, and a few Icelandic books he’s had me read.

Genre Snob: You Have To Ditch One Genre – Never To Be Read Again For The Rest Of Your Life.

Which One Do You Ditch?

Goodbye crime thrillers! This was a tough one for me–not because I don’t want to ditch any, but because there’s actually a few genres that I am perfectly happy not reading. I’ve read the occasional crime novel and even enjoyed a few, but for the most part I’m tired of a lot of the tropes and genre hallmarks. They don’t suit me.

Uber Genre Snob: You Can Only Choose To Read From One Genre For The Rest Of Your Life. Which Genre Do You Choose?

Honestly I think I’d say fantasy because the fantasy genre is so diverse itself! You’ve got multiple age range options, urban fantasy if you want something contemporary, historical fiction with fantasy, alternate histories with fantasy, sci-fi fantasy crossovers, fantasy with horror and fantasy with romance. You can make just about any book fantasy with just a couple of elements, so I’d definitely use that as a loophole to read more haha.

Community Snob: Which Genre Do You Think Receives The Most Snobbery From The Bookish Community?

Weirdly, considering how often this topic seems to come up, I think contemporary “women’s lit” gets a lot of snobbery. As a genre, contemporary fiction that appeals to women–often from a romantic angle–is still considered low-class, with paperback releases and popping up in grocery and drug stores. A lot of these authors are surprisingly talented with an immense bibliography to choose from and long, dedicated careers!


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