Monthly Wrap Up

September 2021 Wrap Up

Life Update

On Saturday I start a new job! This one is full time and is a management position, which means I’ll be doing a lot more at work than I have been for the past couple of months. Unfortunately, that also means I might dip in activity (again). I’m hoping to do Blogtober this year, but we’ll see I suppose.

What I read this month:

  • Once She was Bitten by Magen Cubed
  • Tarnished Are the Stars by Rosiee Thor
  • Fangs by Sarah Anderson
  • An Ordinary Wonder by Buki Papillon
  • An American Marriage by Tayari Jones
  • Death at Sandringham House (Her Majesty Investigates #2) by C.C. Benison
  • Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (Bridgertons #4) by Julia Quinn

Total: 7 books

  • 5 stars: 3 books
  • 4 stars: 2 books
  • 3 stars: 1 book
  • 2 stars: 1 book

Favorite Read

Honestly, as much as the Bridgertons series has been somewhat mild for me I think that Romancing Mr. Bridgerton was the most enjoyable read this month. An Ordinary Wonder was beautiful and a wonderful reading experience, but Romancing Mr. Bridgerton was so absorbing that I found myself constantly turning to it even when I was busy with other tasks. For me, that means it’s a pretty good book.

Top Ten Blog Posts + Book Reviews

  1. Character Discussion: Aidan Bishop from The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
  2. Review: The Beautiful (The Beautiful #1) by Renée Ahdieh
  3. Friday Round Up: Posts I’ve Enjoyed
  4. Review: Winter’s Fury (The Furyck Saga #1) by A.E. Rayne
  5. Character Discussion: The Villain of Ashburn House
  6. Discussion: The Surprising Sexuality of Bella Swan
  7. Discussion: The Uncomfortable Truth about Sex in YA Novels
  8. NA and YA: What’s the difference?
  9. Character Discussion: Volke Savan from the Frith Chronicles
  10. Saturday Morning Wrap Up: 9/4

Top Bookstagram Posts

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