Blogtober Day 2: Fall Fashion Essentials for Bookworms 2021

Hellooooo there, are you getting full swing into spooky season? I know I am! Here are a few fashion essentials I think every bookworm needs for the most aesthetic spooky season possible:

A Cozy Sweater

This one is pretty obvious, right? Well, 2021 fall fashion trends are leaning towards brightly colored and patterned sweaters. For the bookworm contingent, I think the emphasis should be on cozy first and whatever vibe you want second. For me, my go-to sweater of the season is a white one with bats on it! It’s frickin’ bats! (I love Halloween.)

A Brown Leather Jacket

I actually do not own one of these currently, but I desperately want one! Brown is the “in” color for fall this year, and I think a brown leather jacket is a great staple for most wardrobes. Additionally, it matches a lot of bookish characters! Katniss Everdeen for sure would wear a brown leather jacket, but any dark academia, light academia, epic fantasy, or sci-fi story could easily benefit from the aesthetics of one!

A Spooky Cape

I have the coolest sweater that I bought a few years ago. It’s a black turtleneck cape. Well, it’s the shape of a poncho really, but I like to flip the front over one shoulder and turn it into a cape–it’s a great way to warm up a cute dress that isn’t quite warm enough for October, a mysterious garment choice, and super soft! Capes and capelets are coming back into style–especially retro style ones that pair with form fitting dresses. And really, why else do we read fantasy than to imagine ourselves wearing capes?

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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