Blogtober Day 3: Seven Spooky Characters I’d Invite for Dinner

For the record, no practical decisions were made here. I did not think about “what could I possible serve this person?” nor did I consider their potential lethality. This is all about the cool factor guys.

Lestat de Lioncourt (from The Vampire Chronicles)

I mean, come on. He’d make great dinner conversation and would probably bring an awesome and expensive bottle of wine as a gift. As long as he doesn’t get blood on my carpet or couch, I can’t see how this would go wrong.

Celine (from The Beautiful)

While I could have chosen one of the actual creatures of the night from this series, I think Celine was the most entertaining of the characters. She has a dry wit, makes keen observations, and when she embraces going against societal norms she’s rather entertaining. She’s also clever and fashionable, very important features for a dinner guest.

Cathy (from Wuthering Heights)

Cathy is witty, sarcastic, and an absolute savage when she wants to be. I think she’d be the gossip mistress of the night, and honestly you need at least one gossip at a good dinner party.

Elizabeth (from The Haunted Mansion)

Unless Cathy came in her ghostly form (not my preference), I knew I needed at least one ghost on the list. Elizabeth has a pretty interesting story in her movie, a clear sense of fashion, and no weird powers or bad intentions. She also was clearly part of polite society and would be able to hold a conversation throughout dinner.

Jack Skellington (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Someone has to be the entertainment for the night, and Jack can sing, dance, and recite Shakespeare!

Marcus (from The Twilight Saga)

Having a member of the Volturi to add a little spice to the night may seem like a strange move, but the vampire already on the guest list didn’t live through ancient history the way the leaders of the Volturi did. And of the three, Marcus seems the least likely to be self-centric–would Aro or Caius really pass up the opportunity to play their weird world domination chess game? Marcus, on the other hand, would probably be down to tell stories about world history.

the Maenad (from The Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood)

Featured briefly in the book series (and I believe the TV show as well), the Maenad is a mysterious and dangerous figure with a message to send to the local vampires. But she’s also a follower of Dionysus, and honestly, kind of a party necessity.

By Catherine

I'm a lover of books, coffee, wine, and bees. Happy to join the ranks of book bloggers everywhere!

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