ARC Review: In the Bedroom of Medusa by Magen Cubed [Blogtober Day 5]

An ancient monster in the modern-day. A gilded
castle with whispered secrets. A peculiar sapphic

When Evelyn agrees to become the live-in
companion of the secretive Lady Demetria
Balaskas, the human finds herself falling for a
creature lost to time.

F/F romance novella featuring a gorgon/human

I received an ARC of In the Bedroom of Medusa from the author in exchange for my honest review.

What is In the Bedroom of Medusa about?

This novella is about Evelyn, who is approached with an unusual arrangement by Lady Demetria. The two begin an erotically and emotionally charged relationship, but always dealing with a distance between them that Evelyn is eager to overcome.

Genre: Paranormal Erotica Novella

The novella itself is pretty straightforwardly a sapphic erotica. But, there’s the added bonus of a paranormal romance involved! I mean, gorgons aren’t exactly human…

Tropes: Miscommunication for Days

I mean, there’s also a “jealous betrayal” trope in there–but that trope only works due to a misunderstanding, orchestrated as it may be. Luckily, due to the length of the novella, miscommunication is more of the “missed communication” variety and is pretty easily resolved!

Plot: she sleeps with Medusa, that’s kinda the whole thing

Yeah I don’t know what else to tell you, it’s a fairly straightforward plot.

Final Thoughts

As this novella is relatively short, I didn’t feel that it was particularly useful to have my usual three sections–especially because there wasn’t anything in particular to dislike. This novella was everything it promised to be–a romantic coupling of two women, one of whom happens to be Medusa. The sex scenes were very well written, the dialogue throughout entertaining, and the side characters that do appear were also fun to read (even Camille). I appreciated that the story doesn’t keep the reader in suspense about Demetria’s gorgon nature for very long, since I imagine anyone reading it is well aware of what that reveal is. Instead, the novella primarily follows the budding relationship between Evelyn and Demetria, showing that they’re developing a real connection while they engage in their sensual deal. Altogether, there’s not much to critique here except that I wish there was more to the story of Evelyn and Demetria!

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