Hello, and welcome to my book blog! Here you’ll find my honest thoughts and reviews of books as I’m reading them, as well as posts related to writing and reading in general.

Book Reviews & 2023

Something I’ve been working on, personally, is figuring out what is and isn’t worth my time and effort. This blog goes through that analysis pretty much nonstop, and I always want to post on it but never quite find the right rhythm. Something I think needs to change is the way I write book reviews.…

Once again: YA is not NA is not Adult Fiction

If you’re here you probably already know what Book Twitter discourse this is addressing. If you don’t know, enjoy that blissful peace, you deserve it. What is YA? YA is the classification guideline for books written with a “young adult” audience in mind. Generally, that age range is defined as 13 – 18 years old.…

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