Hello, and welcome to my book blog! Here you’ll find my honest thoughts and reviews of books as I’m reading them, as well as posts related to writing and reading in general.

hi, book reviewers don’t need contracts! thanks

Yeah so idk if you’ve seen this video [ps: I’m linking you to a tweet with a TL;DR included] [pps: I have not watched the “part 2” mentioned in the video and have no intention of doing so] [ppps: I have since learned that the videos are taken down, but the link I provided still…

Uh oh, I think I have a new blogging niche….

So recently, a handful of some of my older posts have gotten a surprising amount of traffic. My blog stats are finally doing the numbers I was working to produce in 2020 and completely by accident. Now, when I started writing posts, using SEO, and trying to crack the code to successful blogging I thought…

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