Blogtober Day 11: Witchy Books Recommendations

I’d say this is a pretty typical Blogtober post, huh? Well, I’m definitely going to repeat some of these recs from if I’ve ever done a post like this before, but who cares? As follows are my best recommendations for witchy books! Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman Practical Magic tells the story of the Owens […]


Blogtober Day 10: Ghostly Tropes I Like

Yes, it’s time for another spooky tropes post! These will be tropes I like that involve ghosts or appear often in ghost themed books, horror or not. Connection to the Dead I enjoy when a book is about a descendant of a ghost, or focuses on somebody that has a strong connection to a deceased […]

Discussion Posts

Discussion: Pros and Cons of Urban Fantasy

Intro: Defining Urban Fantasy Hello book bees, and welcome to my follow up from my High Fantasy pros and cons list! Over the many years of my being a reader I have begun to transition from High Fantasy and more traditional fantasy to urban fantasy, where I often find writing that I enjoy more and […]