Review: Winter’s Fury (The Furyck Saga #1) by A.E. Rayne

Rayne’s world, a fantasy pseudo-Scandinavia, is introduced through the eyes of Jael Furyck. Jael, once princess of Brekka, is now living a miserable existence of protecting her vulnerable family from her conniving uncle, Lothar. When Lothar announces that he has agreed to marry Jael off to the drunken prince of Oss, Eadmund Skalleson, she is […]

Discussion Posts

Discussion: Female Fantasy Authors

Hello book bees and welcome to another discussion post! For this post, I will be discussing the differences in reading fantasy books by male authors and fantasy books by female authors. To keep things simple, I will mostly be considering the divide in gender representation. I will discuss intersectionality in a later section, and may […]


What is Polar Fantasy?

Hello bookworms! As you may have noticed, I am participating in the Polarthon on twitter, a readathon focused on building up to a polar fantasy novel. For some participants, every book they are reading is polar fantasy but for others like myself I am going through the prompts with different options first. Before joining this […]