Review: World Serpent Arcanist (Frith Chronicles #5) by Shami Stovall

Death. Destiny. The rise of god-arcanists. Volke Savan has reunited with the Frith Guild just in time to help fight the Second Ascension, a group of power-hungry dastards bent on controlling the newly created god creatures. The world serpent is the first on their list, and if the Second Ascension manages to harness its power, […]

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Top Fantasy Post Series: Epic Fantasy

Welcome back to my series on top fantasy books/series I’ve enjoyed! I started this series before my recent hiatus, and now I’m continuing it with the Epic Fantasy subgenre. Epic Fantasy can also be equated to High Fantasy, as the two often overlap quite a lot. The idea behind Epic Fantasy is generally long, winding […]

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Discussion: My Pros and Cons of High Fantasy

Introduction: Defining High Fantasy So before I dive into this, let’s begin with a quick and dirty definition of High Fantasy. HF is what we traditionally call to mind when thinking of the fantasy genre altogether. It usually involves an invented fantasy world populated by humans but also fantasy races. The traditional ones are elves, […]