Blogtober Day 11: Witchy Books Recommendations

I’d say this is a pretty typical Blogtober post, huh? Well, I’m definitely going to repeat some of these recs from if I’ve ever done a post like this before, but who cares? As follows are my best recommendations for witchy books! Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman Practical Magic tells the story of the Owens […]

Discussion Posts

Trope Discussion: Fish out of Water

Intro: Defining the trope All right book bees, for this post I’ll be discussing the “fish out of water” trope. This trope is essentially when a character is taken dramatically out of their most comfortable settings. The obvious example is when a mermaid (or similar creature) is transformed to a human form and takes to […]

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Review: Caught by Kimberley Cale [Bewitching Book Tours blog stop!]

Ruthless pirate captain Quinn O’Connor is bent on getting revenge on the creatures who wrecked his ship and killed his crew. When he claims their leader as his captive, hedoesn’t expect the scorching consequences that come with being stranded with her on a mysterious island.Lorelei, a daughter of Poseidon, is willing to bargain with the […]


The Sea Witch: Review

It’s been some time since a witch was burned in Havnstad, Denmark. But Evie is still terrified it will happen again. She, like her mother and her Tante Hansa, is a witch. Her powers are small but she does what she can to help the fishermen and her father especially in the face of the […]