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Archive Review: Interview With the Vampire (Vampire Chronicles #1) by Anne Rice

A reporter gives a vampire the chance to tell his story. Louis describes his distraught mortal years, tortured by the death of his family and goading death for himself. His transformation into an immortal being. His afterlife, and struggling with what immortality would mean for him. Louis tells the reporter how he learned to be […]


Blogtober Day 18: Top 3 Favorite Vampires

So earlier this lovely Blogtober I made a post about my favorite vampire, Mircalla Karnstein AKA Carmilla. You can read that post here! As a follow up to that, with Carmilla sitting on her throne, today’s post is about my top 3 three vampires other than Ms. Karnstein! Some Honorable Mentions: Jasper Hale and Alice […]