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What is Urban Fantasy?

Urban fantasy is not magical realism It can be difficult to find extensive literary thought on this topic, in part because both sub-genres of the fantasy category (and fantasy itself) are considered “lesser” in the world of literary thought and aren’t thoroughly discussed, nor examined. However, this article from 2019 is the easiest to read […]


Sweep of the Blade, Review

In the fourth installment of the Sci-Fi Fantasy Innkeeper Chronicles, Ilona Andrews write from the perspective of Maud Demille, older sister of innkeeper Dina. Maud and her daughter Helen were exiled from the Holy Anocracy and the vampire house that Helen was born into three years prior. After raising Helen in a wasteland, fighting for […]


Blogtober day 19: Paranormal Romance

This prompt comes from Anniek and The Library Looter! While paranormal romance as a subgenre can take place in fantasy, science fiction, or other forms of speculative fiction, I find that it always pops up in my urban fantasy readings. Urban fantasy is a genre that takes place in a modern or contemporary setting, but […]